The Alkem Laboratories Corporate Social Responsibility vision and policy aspires to bring a fundamental change in people’s quality of life by facilitating the implementation of a holistic community development programme.

As a responsible corporate entity, Alkem Foundation (the Social Arm of Alkem Laboratories), does this with a participatory approach and in partnership mode by co-creating with the Government, civil society, and the community.

As part of the CSR mandate, we focus on key thematic areas – Healthcare, Education, Rural Development (which includes skill building and promotion of sustainable livelihood and improvement in the socio-economic status of women and youth, and development of infrastructure facilities) Environment and Sports. The organization focuses on its endeavor to bring about a tangible change in the lives of underprivileged people.


Geographical outreach - 11 states (Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Sikkim, Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Nagaland) & 1 Union Territory (Daman)

More than 60% of the CSR Fund is dedicated to aspirational districts.

Implementation Partners

We partner with government bodies, district authorities, non-governmental organizations, village panchayats, women's self-help groups, and end beneficiaries.

Thematic Areas

Promoting not just the absence of diseases, but the highest possible level of good health and wellbeing is our motive for our underprivileged society. Some of the most significant projects are:

Cancer Care

  • Construction of Advanced Radiotherapy Block- Commitment of Rs 100 Crores in Muzaffarpur (aspirational district of Bihar).
  • Home-based palliative care for cancer patients (first of its kind) in Muzaffarpur, Bihar.
  • Early detection, cancer awareness, and capacity building of grassroots health workers in Buxar, Bhagalpur, and Jehanabad districts of Bihar.

Alkem Anemia Mukti Abhiyaan (AAMA)

  • The National Family & Health Survey - 5 conducted by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, has revealed a worrying increase in anemia among pregnant and non-pregnant women and children.
  • As a sensitive corporate citizen, Alkem has initiated the Alkem Anemia Mukti Abhiyan AAMA Program commencing in Gujarat, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and Rajasthan with the goal of transforming selected village panchayats into Anemia Mukt Panchayat.

The Stories of Impact

  • Sunita Devi is one of the beneficiaries of the cancer screening intervention, shares her happiness after recovery from Breast Cancer. “Thank You, Alkem Foundation, for providing such advanced quality health services in our district”.

  • Phul Maya Darjee is a resident of the village of Suntale from Sikkim. She is a regular attendee in the Mobile Health Unit which serves localities by providing OPD and free of cost medicines through its CSR intervention. She benefited through a health camp organized by Alkem.

  • Rajkeshari Devi, native of Laxmanpur village in Buxar. She was dealing with several eye problems and was helpless as the nearest medical facility was far off from her village. Alkem supported her in resolving her eye issues by organizing screening, and cataract surgery free of cost.

  • Sumit Kumar a beneficiary from Jaunpur, a small town in Uttar Pradesh. He comes from a family that finds it very challenging to pay for his education in Mumbai. He got the assistance of the Shri Samprada Singh Scholarship offered by Alkem Foundation.


We at Alkem, believe in prescribing and spreading SMILES. SMILE (Support to Make Individual Lives Easier) is an employee volunteering platform established to increase employee participation in CSR activities so that they may own and inherit the same as part of their regular practice.

In culmination, the tale of "Employee Volunteering (SMILE)" at Alkem narrates a saga of collective determination, rendering social action synonymous with organizational ethos. With each engagement, Alkemites continue to illuminate lives, embodying the philosophy that impactful change sprouts from concerted endeavors.

Fund Raising for Establishment of Library - A book fair was conducted to facilitate the establishment of libraries in rural areas. We sourced donated books from a like-minded civil society organization and our employees purchased the books to raise funds for the cause. This initiative aimed to foster literacy and knowledge in underserved communities by establishing accessible libraries, promoting learning, and enhancing educational opportunities.

Donate your voice - "Donate Your Voice", a campaign focused on recording audiobooks to benefit visually impaired individuals. The initiative aimed to support a digital library for easy access to literary content, empowering the visually impaired community with the joy of literature. The campaign sought to bridge the gap in accessibility and promote inclusion through the gift of narrated stories

Awarathon - A walk organized to raise awareness of dementia and Alzheimer's became a platform for individuals of all age groups. Not only did it attract diverse participants, but it also provided a safe and supportive environment for the elderly. The positive feedback from the targeted community highlights the success of the initiative in sensitizing participants and supporting those affected by memory-related disorders.

Signature Campaign for World AIDS Day - With unwavering empathy, we launched a signature campaign on World AIDS Day to lend their voice and support to individuals impacted by HIV across our all locations i.e. Corporate Offices, Manufacturing & R&D unit, confronting not only the medical aspects but also the societal stigma.

Mangrove cleanup drive - Recognizing our environmental responsibility, we conducted a mangrove cleanup drive. Employees actively participated in collecting plastic and non-biodegradable waste entangled in the mangroves. The initiative not only contributed to environmental conservation but also enhanced the lives of the inhabitants in and around the mangroves.

Library sessions in government schools aimed to foster a love for reading among students. Volunteers conducted reading sessions during library hours for fifth-grade students in a government school. The activity not only improved students' reading habits and pronunciation but also motivated them to embrace reading as a hobby.

Visit to Remedial Center - One of our flagship initiatives was a visit to the remedial center and motivated the students to continue their studies. Along with these volunteers, they also supported the establishment of a library in the slums of Dharavi. This volunteer platform focused on collecting books and stationery from our employees to create a library in the Remedial Center. The library now serves as a valuable resource for the community, offering stationery, bags, and a diverse selection of books, ranging from dictionaries to comic books. The initiative not only supports academic pursuits but also encourages recreational reading and provides a conducive learning environment for the beneficiaries.

Celebrating birthdays at an orphanage became a regular volunteer activity. Volunteers visited the orphanage monthly, organizing birthday celebrations for the girls residing there. This initiative provided a sense of care, compassion, and belonging to the beneficiaries.

Food distribution drive - At Alkem, volunteering is regarded as the expression of the connection that we have with the communities we are serving. As a part of our employee volunteering campaign, pillars of our business (sales team) came forward and supported a meal distribution drive organized for caregivers of patients at KEM and BYL Nair hospitals in Mumbai.


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