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Alkem Urology was launched in July 2017 to cater to this super special speciality. In just two years, it has established itself as a serious player in the market, ranking 11th in RPM (IMS July 19). We have a noteworthy presence in anti-BPH, stone management, OAB (Overactive Bladder), and erectile dysfunction therapies offering innovative solutions for unmet patient needs.

We launched the first tablet formulation of the Silodosin and Dutasteride combination.

Some of our key Brands are:

  • Anti BPH:

    Maxvoid Plus

  • Maxvoid

  • Tamsukem D

  • Tamsukem

  • Stone Management:

    Tamsukem Plus

  • OAB Management – Bladder Relaxant:


  • Solikem