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Staying true to our philosophy of ‘Extended Lifecare Beyond Boundaries’, Alkem launched Pulmocare – a division dedicated to enhancing awareness, diagnosis, and management of lung diseases. As per the Global Burden of Diseases data and other research; out of nine crore patients suffering from lung diseases, only 1 crore have access to the right management and lung care in India. The causes of high lung disease burden are underutilization of diagnostic tools like spirometry, patient ignorance about the disease, and delayed healthcare.

Pulmocare’s goal is to bridge this massive gap in accessibility to lung care through comprehensive education and awareness initiatives. Health loss leading to deaths or disability-adjusted life years (DALY’s) can be managed effectively with proper care for lung health. The launch of Pulmocare is a step in that direction. We believe everyone deserves to have healthy lungs. Since chronic respiratory management requires 90% education and just 10% medication, we created [www.thehealthylungs.com](https://thehealthylungs.com/), a website dedicated to enhancing awareness, busting myths, improving knowledge about inhalation techniques, and motivating patients to adhere to the therapy.

Healthy Lungs is a comprehensive patient education and adherence programme that will work online and offline with various stakeholders to improve awareness, disseminate the right knowledge, and improve the overall quality of respiratory care in India.