About Alkem

Consolidating, transforming, and enhancing the world of generic and speciality pharmaceuticals.


Five decades of making a difference, forever to go

Fifty years ago, Alkem penned the first chapter of a remarkable journey with the vision of transforming India’s pharmaceutical sector. Today, with a footprint in 40 countries, 19 manufacturing units, over 800 brands, and many, many milestones later, we have an assemblage of tales enriched with pioneering work. Alkem is one of the biggest names in the generic and speciality pharmaceutical sector in India. Our legacy is a testament to the sheer hard work, perseverance, and grit to take the path with barely any footprints and a lot of latent potential to make a difference. A single step, a single idea, led to Alkem – a journey driven by our commitment to people, innovation, and service to the community.


Global Presence : Footprint in over 40 countries

Making an impact that lasts

Consistently ranked amongst the top ten pharmaceutical companies in India, we embrace the responsibility of making a remarkable impact on people’s lives. Our portfolio includes eminent brands like Clavam, Pan, Pan-D and Taxim-O, which feature amongst the top 50 pharmaceutical brands in India.

About Us

The voices of Alkem

“As a socially responsible company, we are committed to improving economic and social outcomes in the communities where we live and work.” Basudeo N. Singh, Executive Chairman

“Alkem recognises and respects the interconnection between business growth and the needs of society. We are supporting communities through local actions and initiatives in the areas of education, health, and rural development. Our endeavour is to improve the quality of life of underserved people and to empower them to take charge of their own lives.” Sandeep Singh, Managing Director

Investing today, for a healthier tomorrow

At Alkem, our path is clear and so is our purpose. With over 500 scientists working in 5 global R&D centres, we are empowering innovations that perpetually reinforce our philosophy of ‘Extended Lifecare Beyond Boundaries’. This philosophy is at the heart of everything we do. It is driven by our uncompromised integrity, unparalleled solutions, commitment to innovation, and upholding the highest standards in safety and performance. This is what sets Alkem apart – the roots of great intent enhanced by an incredible team of visionaries. With units across the nation, leaders with diverse backgrounds, and scientists from various parts of the world, everyone at Alkem is united by the same ardour to reciprocate the faith in our products with the promise of good health.