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Cardiovascular (CV) disease is the leading cause of death and disability in India, and is a significant burden on healthcare. Key risk factors of CV diseases in India are hypertension, generalized obesity and altered lipid levels which are seen in 35.5%, 28.6% and 81.1% of adult population respectively. This CV disease epidemic in Indians is characterized by a higher relative risk burden, an earlier age of onset, higher case fatality and higher premature deaths compared to global counterpart1,2. Thus, Cardiovascular therapy is the second largest Therapy Area (TA) following anti-infective.

A quarter of all deaths in the country can be attributed to cardiovascular diseases. The burden of CVD is growing at a morbid rate. Therefore, cardiovascular therapy is the second largest Therapy Area (TA) following anti-infective.

Alkem is an emerging player in this TA. Our presence in Cardiology TA is through 2 divisions - Alkem Aspiria and Alkem Imperia. These help us in reinforcing our resolve to ensure healthier lives through quality care. We aim at emerging as the most significant name in the cardiovascular TA by paving the way for enhanced solutions for hypertension, dyslipidemia and thereby managing CV diseases holistically.


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  • 2. Lancet Diabetes Endocrinol 2023; 11: 474–89

Some of our key brands are:

  • Olkem (Olmesartan)
  • Jupiros (Rosuvastatin)
  • Cilnikem (Cilnidipine)
  • Dabiclot (Dabigatran)
  • Tsart (Telmisartan)
  • TICAVIC (Ticagrelor)