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Alkem Urology was launched in July 2017 to cater to the Super specialty segment of Urologist, within the span of 24 Months Alkem Urology has established itself as a serious player in the market ranking 11th in RPM (IMS July 19). We have a key presence in Anti BPH, Stone Management, OAB(Over active bladder) and Erectile dysfunction therapies offering innovative solutions to unmet patient needs.

Our formulation expertise includes launching 1st Time a Tablet formulation of Silodosin and Dutasteride combination.

Some of our key Brands are:

Anti BPH:

  • Maxvoid Plus
  • Maxvoid
  • Tamsukem D
  • Tamsukem

Stone Management:

  • Tamsukem Plus

OAB Management – Bladder Relaxant:

  • Mirakem
  • Solikem