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The United Kingdom features amongst top 10 countries in the pharmaceutical sector. It is a highly permeable generic market amongst the European nations. NHS (National Health Service) is the sole governing body, which forms the majority of Social and Medical Care for UK patients funded by the Government. Owing to the country’s transparent laws and regulations, ease of doing business becomes a key feature of the UK market.

Alkem’s vision is to feature amongst the top 10 generic pharmaceutical companies in the market at the Scrip level.

Ascend Laboratories UK Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Alkem Laboratories Ltd., was established in August 2014. It has grown to become a fully functional subsidiary doing business across all channels of trade viz. retail and hospital tenders ensuring continuous generics availability to serve the UK community while meeting all regulatory compliances.

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Ascend Laboratories UK Ltd

4th Floor, Cavendish House,
369 Burnt Oak Broadway,
Edgware HA8 5 AW
E-mail ID: [email protected]