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South Africa

The South African pharmaceutical market is the largest in sub-Saharan Africa. Within the African continent, South Africa is fairly well developed and the most regulated. Owing to the formidable business potential of this territory, South Africa has become a host for the headquarters of several leading life-science companies.

Currently, the South African operations are managed by our wholly owned subsidiary - Ascend Laboratories (Pty) Ltd. We have a strong focus on South Africa and it is our aspiration to have a full-fledged market presence within a few years.

In addition to current product portfolio, Alkem has a considerable number of products under registration.

Dedicated to deliver quality products to the customers, Alkem is surely on the path to become a well-known name in the pharmaceutical industry of South Africa.

Contact Us :

Alok Anand,
Head of Operations,

Ascend Laboratories (Pty) Ltd
Route 21 Corporate Park, 121 Sovereign Drive,
Block A, Office 202 Irene Ext. 30, Centurion 0157
Contact No. : +27 (0) 817 914 369
E-mail ID: [email protected]

Mukovhe Phathela
Responsible Pharmacist
Contact +27 (0) 710740577
E-mail ID : [email protected]