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Global Presence

It started with a small step! A step, originating from the idea of increasing Alkem’s global footprint, which eventually became a giant leap for us! For us, United States is the focal point of international operations. In this stride, we have cumulatively filed more than 125 ANDAs with the US FDA. Alkem markets and sells products in the United States under our wholly owned subsidiary – Ascend.

Other international operations include markets like Australia, Europe, Southeast Asia, Latin America, Africa and CIS. Our products are marketed in about 50 international markets directly through our subsidiaries and indirectly through active engagements with other organizations. Currently, our key markets include Australia, Chile, Philippines and Kazakhstan.

We have our own sales and commercial infrastructure in these markets. We are constantly looking forward to product in-licensing and out-licensing opportunities in several emerging markets. This helps us leverage our product portfolio, and sales and marketing infrastructure.