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OTC Products

Pregakem – Pregnancy Detection Kit

Pregakem is a quick and easy-to-use pregnancy detection kit from the house of Alkem. Pregakem allows one to self-confirm pregnancy. This is done by detecting the presence of pregnancy hormone hCG. Pregakem firmly believes and propagates the idea of ‘Parenthood’.
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Playgard Condoms

Playgard is the first condom brand in India to launch Super Dotted Condoms. Super Dotted Condoms have 50% bigger dots than regular dotted condoms. Playgard Condoms are available in multiple variants from regular dotted, ultra-thin, multi-texture, super dotted and more time condoms. know more about Playgard Condoms, visit


Livoerb is a quality Hepatoprotective tonic from the house of Alkem. Livoerb helps in liver cleansing and improves appetite. Livoerb is an Ayurvedic medicine and it is available in multiple variants which are Livoerb Syrup, Livoerb DS Syrup, Livoerb Sugar Free and Livoerb Zyme.
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