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Osteoporosis Means “Porous bones”. It’s silent disease, as bone loss occurs without any symptoms & Osteoporosis gets revealed, once patient gets fracture.

Osteoporosis happens due to imbalance between bone making & bone breaking process in the body.Osteoporosis is common in both women and men& increases with age.

Elderly women are more likely to suffer from this disease since the reduced estrogen levels after menopause contributes to a rapid decline in bone mass. Patient having a prior fracture always have 86% chance of getting second fracture. 1 in 3 post-menopausal women will have an osteoporotic fracture in her lifetime. (Source: National Osteoporosis Foundation)

Osteoporosis management requires balanced diet (Calcium, Vitamin-D, Mineral enriched), exercise along with lifestyle changes like No smoking & No alcohol

Alkem realised the silent need of the society & took

Early initiatives ...

To create social awareness about the silent disease - with the help of various patient educational media- Patient education leaflets, posters, newspaper articles, patient educational meets.

For disease diagnosis & prevention - To pin down disease at an early stage, Alkem organised various osteoporosis detection camps across vast geographical areas across India at Rural, District & Metro city level.

For Disease prevention -
Alkem introduced various brands GEMCAL range (Calcium), UPRISE range (Vitamin D3) to meet dietary insufficiency associated with Osteoporosis.

Further introduced Anti-resorptive therapies -GEMFOS (Residronate), GEMIDRO (Ibandronate), GEMDRONIC(Zoledronic acid) injection–to prevent bone loss.

For patients with severe osteoporosis & high risk of fractures, Alkem entered in to biosimilar segment &introduced GEMTIDE (Teriparatide) – An anabolic injection, for building new bones & Denu ( Denosumab Inj 60mg/ml) for persistent bone protection

Today with strategic initiatives & foresight, Alkem is continuously innovating & working in the direction of

Osteoporosis – Awareness, diagnosis & management