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The third largest Therapy Area (TA) of the Indian Pharmaceutical Market (IPM) is Gastroenterology. It garners approximately 11% of the total Indian Pharmaceutical Market (IPM) value. With increasing innovations in this TA, the segment is set to grow significantly in the near future.

Alkem understands the importance of evolution in gastrointestinal medicines to counter the ever-evolving disorders of GI tract. Alkem commands around 6% of the total revenue generated by this TA.

Presently, Alkem is the 3rd largest company in GI Therapy Area (TA) of the Indian Pharmaceutical Market (IPM). Over the years, we have developed several products for GI disorders like GERD, gastric ulcers, constipation, hyperacidity, diarrhoea, worm infestation etc.

Some of the highlights of Alkem’s Gastroenterology portfolio are

  • PAN & PAN-D has leadership position across all targeted specialties and geographies
  • Ondem has been maintaining its leadership position in the Ondansetron market
  • Emty, a newly launched brand, is the growth driver in chronic constipation market
  • Noworm, a brand of Albendazole, is holding the 2nd position in the respective markets
  • Colmint is the 1st brand of peppermint oil gastro resistant capsule, it is developed indigenously by our R&D team. It is a path-breaking treatment option for the management of IBS.

* MAT May 2019