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Cardiovascular (CV) disease is the leading cause of mortality in India. In fact, a quarter of all deaths in the country can be attributed to this disease. Therefore, cardiovascular therapy becomes the second largest Therapy Area (TA) after anti-infective. Also, the burden of this disease growing at a morbid rate.

Alkem is an emerging player in this Therapy Area (TA). Our presence in Cardiology TA is through 2 divisions - Alkem Cardiology and Alkem Imperia. These help us in reinforcing our resolve towards providing a better life to patients. Our aim is to be a significant player in the cardiovascular TA by providing solutions for better management of this disease.

Some of our key brands are:

  • Olkem (Olmesartan)
  • Jupiros (Rosuvastatin)
  • Cilnikem (Cilnidipine)
  • Dabiclot (Dabigatran)
  • Tsart (Telmisartan)
  • TICAVIC (Ticagrelor)